Protector OATH SDK

Thales Protector OATH SDK delivers strong multi-factor authentication – including biometrics – with best-in-class security, while fulfilling banking requirements. It ensures appropriate security features, while also allowing banks to comply with regulations and to offer simple, innovative experiences that increase the digital touchpoints in online channels. Protector OATH SDK is developed and maintained by Thales with banking-grade security vetted by internal and external audits.

Protector OATH SDK is easy to integrate into mobile applications, providing ready-to-use secure multi-factor biometrics authentication and transaction signature. It should be used with Thales Mobile Authentication Suite backend solutions, and relies on recognized industry standards. It lets users chose their preferred authentication methods, among PIN code or mobile device biometrics, ensuring maximum convenience. It implements state-of-the-art mobile security protections to protect against a number of threats, such as malware attacks, application cloning, after-theft attacks, reverse engineering, and brute force attacks.

The solution can be used on mobile channels for many different purposes, such as strong authentication for mobile banking, mobile wallets, proximity payment, mobile commerce and card management. The solution can also be used out-of-band through push and pull mechanisms to enable strong authentication for non-mobile digital channels such as online banking, branch authentication, PC based eCommerce activities, proximity payment, ATM authentication, and so on.

See the latest documentation of Protector OATH SDK for more details.