Mobile OS compatibility

As Thales Protector OATH SDK supports different operating systems, the compatibility of every mobile operating system (OS) update is tested with the latest Protector OATH SDK version.

Mobile operating system versions

The versioning of each mobile OS release is defined using a three-part version number: major version; minor version; and patch.


  • The major number is incremented when new functionalities are integrated into the OS.
  • The minor number is incremented each time new minor features are integrated into the OS.
  • The patch number is incremented when minor changes and bug fixes are made.

The exact version numbering of each OS is defined by the respective mobile OS providers and is subject to changes.

Typically, beta versions of the mobile OS are published ahead of the actual launch to allow application developers to test the compatibility of their applications on the mobile OS.


  • The number of published beta versions and the dates they are published before the actual release are dependent from the mobile OS provider strategy.
  • The exact publication date of the actual release is not disclosed by mobile OS providers as this depends on the feedbacks received from the beta releases.