From Protector OATH SDK V6.0 you have to call the configureSecureLog API first before the configuration of FastTrackAPI. Otherwise, Protector OATH SDK will throw a runtime exception. Refer Secure Log for more information.

Initializing FastTrack API

Before initializing FastTrack API, you have to check the state of FastTrack API if it has been configured previously.

To check the state of FastTrack API:


If the state of FastTrack API is set to true, you can call the following code snippet to get the instance of FastTrack API:

FastTrack fastTrack = FastTrack.getInstance();

If the state of FastTrack API is set to false, you can start the initialization of FastTrack API using the following code snippet:

//SecureLogConfig shall be configured first
//Pass null if you wish to disable the logging
// 1. This is entry point for initialization the FastTrack API.

TransactionSignatureKey signKey = new TransactionSignatureKey(MessengerConfigurations.getSignaturePublicKeyPem());

new FastTrack.Builder(this.getApplicationContext())
                .withMspObfuscationKeys(Collections.singletonList(MessengerConfigurations.getObfuscationKey())) //for MSP
                .withMspVerificationKeys(Collections.singletonList(signKey)) // For MSP

In FastTrack API, to pass an optional parameter, use the .withxxxxx() method.

To use the Transaction Signing service, the obfuscation Keys .withMspObfuscationKeys() and the verification Key .withMspVerificationKeys() are required.