From Protector OATH SDK V6.0 you have to call the configureSecureLog API first before the configuration of Protector OATH SDK. Otherwise, Protector OATH SDK will throw a runtime exception. Refer Secure Log for more information.

Core services settings

Protector OATH SDK has to be configured before it can be used. Each module has a corresponding configuration data that applies to the module and its feature sets, and is immutable at runtime.

Configurations of the modules in Protector OATH SDK
Configurations of the modules in Protector OATH SDK

These configurations are built and passed to Protector OATH SDK when the core module is configured:

The Android application context instance must be provided to Protector OATH SDK. The context is used to access Android APIs that require a context instance. This must be set before using any part of the SDK and it can only be set once.


//SecureLogConfig shall be configured first
//Pass null if you wish to disable the logging

To configure the core module:

// Build the configuration for the OTP module  
OtpConfiguration otpConfig = new OtpConfiguration.Builder()  
IdpCore core = IdpCore.configure(otpConfig);