Protector OATH is an enterprise authentication solution for e-banking and e-commerce functions such as one-time password (OTP) management, challenge-responses, transaction data signing, data protection, and out-of-band (OOB) communication. It utilizes the userโ€™s mobile device as the security platform. The solution consists of mobile applications based on the Protector OATH SDK (software development kit).


The general architecture of Protector OATH SDK is shown in the following figure.

Architecture of Protector OATH SDK
Architecture of Protector OATH SDK


  • Application
    The application using Protector OATH SDK. For ease of use, it is recommended to use FastTrack API as it is much simpler for integration. You can also choose to use Core API if you want to access the full functionalities of Protector OATH SDK.

    For existing users of Protector OATH SDK V5.2 and earlier, refer to Migration Guide to include FastTrack API in your integration.

  • Core API
    As Core API contains the core modules and services, it is recommended for you to have the knowledge of these core modules and services before proceeding with the initialization of Core API. Refer to the following sections for more informatiion.

  • FastTrack API
    FastTrack API is a wrapper of Core API. It is used to simplify the number of API calls from Core API.

    FastTrack API supports major third party mobile application development frameworks such as Cordova, Xamarin, and React Native. Refer to FastTrack for more details.